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Welcome to jessmina consultancy

About Us

With her broad experience across multiple industries, Jessica has developed methods and strategies that she has personally tested and approved, to deliver exceptional results for your business.

Our Services

Our talented team of creative professionals offer fresh and engaging designs and solutions in marketing, website design & build, branding & graphic design, and print & portfolio.


From a simple landing page to a complete e-commerce store, Jess has you covered.

Branding & Graphic Design

Need a fresh look? Jess has an eye for detail, she aims to ensure everything in both your digital and physical presence, aligns with your brand.

Print & Portfolio

You can view and download the pdf file here.

Email Marketing

Design, code & send.

Social Media Management & Consultancy

Need help with social media? Jess can offer guidance on how to source influencers, what content to post, and how to convert your feed into sales for your business.

Sheshwarz Event Video
Sheshwarz Event


Want to host an event for your business? Not sure how to get people there, or how to make sure its profitable? Jess can cover everything from booking, to styling and guestlists.


Staff Training

 Including upselling, customer service and presentation training

Salon Management

Managing a team of 40, Jessica is experienced on building a team and driving them to achieve results. Jess can assist in areas of:

Hiring and Recruitment

Communication and presenting

Systems, processes & policies


Small business consultancy

Consultancy is a broad term- so what does Jess offer exactly?


Jessica Mina




HQ Shop 16 Sylvania Princes Highway 2224


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